There is gentleman out there in Canada with Indian origin who had a long cherished dream to make a house just as any other human . With this dream he searched for an elevation everywhere and finally located  an impressive one from the internet . That elevation is shown below :Idle home exampleHe was so particular that  his plan should match perfectly with this elevation .   But the site condition was in such a way that it was a lengthy plot with a width (frontage)  of hardly 10 meters . After leaving the setbacks the the frontage of the house will have a width of 6.7 meters . Please see the plan :

PLANSo its practically impossible to design an identical elevation for this plan since the elevation which was given to me had three wider spans .  Hence the job became challenging . After several contemplations  we have decided to cut down the width , eliminated one span  and created an elevation using Adobe Photoshop after photo editing the given elevation . (we have used Photoshop for this because making drastic changes in a photograph was relatively easier than making it in a 3D model ) .    This elevation was suitable for the client’s plan .


Based on this elevation we have created 3D views by performing modelling using AutoCAD , Rendering using 3DstudioMAX and Photo editing using Adobe Photoshop :  The AutoCAD 3D model is shown below .
acad1a acad1
The finished views of the project from various angles :
res view3 res view2 res view1
Now the client has accepted this design and he is happy 🙂
Hence the clients dream is fulfilled even if there was space constraints .  Because these software tools has helped us to provide the most ideal design solution for this client .
Your feedbacks and clarifications on this expected ….




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