In Kerala (India) climatic conditions ,  flat roof is not preferred because of  the alternating weather  patterns of summer and heavy rain . So most of the houses with flat roof will be given a protection of trussed sloped roof and the design of this roof becomes challenging when the wall layout is relatively complex . The following photo shows such a house with flat roof and the client was planing to provide a sloped roof . But he was trying to determine the slope and layout this roof using manual methods . He has collected several opinions but was not in a position to take a right decision .
house without roof
When this client has approached me I have decided to make a model of  the roof of this house using AutoCAD . In Autocad using DVIEW command we can precisely find out the amount to roof exposed when we take a view from the eye level  , So that we can reach on to the correct angle of the roof to get optimum visibility (refer the video given below to know more about the DVIEW command ) . On the other hand if we give a fixed angle (say 30 degree) the rise of the roof may be too high because of the huge wall span . After the roof design I have rendered it in 3DSMAX and superimposed that image with actual photograph of the house in adobe photoshop . I have tried two different roof patters and the second pattern is finalised .
The superimposed view is given below :


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