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         Have you ever lost your AutoCAD drawing file just because you forgot to save it or the             AutoCAD got crashed while you were working ? 

        In this post I will explain various methods to rescue a lost drawing file .

        1. Renaming a back up file :   AutoCAD creates a backup file each and every time  you save your drawing file . The backup file consists of exact copy of the file prior to the last  save . Only one backup file is saved at a time . The movement you save a file theold version will get replaced with a new version .  Such files will have an extension of .BAK and you will be able to open it only if it is renamed as a drawing file with a .DWG extension (select the file , press F2 key and change the extension to DWG . So even if you lose a drawing you can always restore the previous version of it using this method . By default the backup files are stored in the same folder as that of the drawing file . But if you want the backup files to be stored in a separate folder it can be done using the MOVEBAK command .

AUTOCAD express tools But if you want to use this command you should have already installed the express tools .  In the latest releases of AutoCAD this menu will get automatically installed when you install the software . When you give MOVEBAK command  , you will be asked to specify a folder name . Once you give it all your backup files gets stored in that folder . So don’t forget to press CTRL+S often next time when you work .  But even you consciously try to memorise this command , its likely that you might forget to press CTRL+S at times , because of your involvement in your work . This is where you can make use of the automatic save feature of AutoCAD.

 2. By renaming AutoSave files  : Auto save files are backup files which are created automatically by the autosave feature of the software .These files will have an extension of SV$ . We can control the number of minutes between each automatic save and the folder in which these files are to be created . Right click the mouse on screen to get  options dialogue box , automatic file save location can specified at the files tab . We can activate/deactivate autosave feature at at the open and save tab and the number of minutes between each save can be controlled at the same tab . (refer the screen captured) . The SAVETIME  command can also be used to control the number of minutes between each save .

auto save

So if the software crashes or you happen to abruptly exit the software due to some reason we can always rename the autosave file from the specified folder and open it in AutoCAD . But if you save the drawing file using the normal SAVE command , software automatically deletes the autosave file . You can test the Autosave feature by pressing CTL+ALT+DEL and end task autocad while you work and check the the folder in which backup files are saved (watch the following video to see the procedure) . The best practice is to set the SAVETIME to less than 10 minutes , so that you can recover most of your work , just in case you need to make a abrupt exit from the software .

3. By using the drawing recovery manager : 

When you launch Autocad after a crash the drawing recovery manager can identify  which all drawings were active when a crash occurred drawing recovery managerand it displays those drawings , the associated backup and autosave files in a single interface .Using recovery manager you can access and open all these files . When you open these files autocad automatically repairs the database if it is corrupted  and you can finally recover your drawing file .

This covers various method to recover a lost drawing file . Please go through the following video to see these procedures .


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