In this post I would like to share with you my experience with a traditional Architect . Such architects are only a few in my state and they have a tendency to use traditional elements in whatever designs they create (because they do lot of temple architecture)  . The skill to perform such an architecture is generally inherited from their ancestors  . Such a design will last over many years and will not undergo any change with time .
A few months back , I had a meeting with such an architect and his requirement was to make a 3D photo realistic view and an exterior animation for his project for a client who is a Doctor . When you go through plan , elevation and section of this project you can feel the complexity of the design .
It is basically a three storied house with some specialities . It has traditional elements incorporated which will be little bit time consuming to model using AutoCAD . This house has level difference inside , massive drawing area , central court yard , swimming pool on the first floor , vast open space and landscaping done on the second floor . Creating a 3D model of this house was a challenging job since the first presentation has to be done on the very next day ! . We have started the work in the morning , thinking that we will be able to  finish it at the most by the evening . But in between the architect was trying various possibilities to refine the design and as the 3D model became heavy it took more time to get the results after each zooms, pans and orbits etc.   We could finish it only by late night . You can see the views of the finished rough model below :
sunil view3
sunil view1
sunil roof bt
The architect was  not that happy with this design , because it looked too plain without  much traditional features which he was actually intending to incorporate .  But this was just a material for him to conduct that days presentation which was unavoidable . After the presentation the client has just got an idea but he was also demanding to modify the design . Next day I had a sitting with the architect and we have introduced some prominent traditional features into the design and it got a new interesting look .
Type2 Side1 Type2 Side2 zoom Type2 Side2
The client liked this better than the previous design because of the presence of traditional features but he has suggested for some minor modifications . Detailing the gable end of the roofs , removing the pergola like members from the first floor roof slab , providing a hipped roof with gables for the ground floor was among the changes he has suggested .I have further incorporated those changes to fine tune the design . These are  the views given to the client in the final presentation .
right side view left side view right side view1 Terrace view2 sunil eve1
Since the client was also in need an exterior animation , I had to prepare animation along with each design which was a time consuming job .  The computer has worked for several hours to perform rendering  . Rendering – is the process of preparing each frame of an animation after applying the realistic materials , lights , camera etc. For 1  second animation 25 such frames are to be prepared by the computer .  When it comes to larger animations giving it to rendering farms is preferred to perform fast rendering  . Click on the link provided to see the exterior animation . I have prepared few segmental animations in 3Dstudio Max after importing the AutoCAD 3D model . Editing and sound effects are given using Adobe premier software .  This movie  clearly shows the level of detailing provided on elements like  windows , roof gables , brackets etc.(Please expand the youtube window to the full screen watch the video in HD – 720P format)
Click here to see the animation .

 Hence the project has to pass through three stages to get it finalised . When you work with such architects you will get more exposure in architectural design & visualisation  and learn lot of patience 🙂

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