About a few months back one of my student who is a Civil engineer approached me and asked me to make a suitable elevation for the following plan for his client  .  (Please click to enlarge it) . To get a symmetrical elevation  he told me that the ground floor and the first floor should be typical.

House plan

The client has particularly insisted that the elevation should be simple and easy to execute . Since they preferred flat features I have provided the following elevation and one more colour choice .

Residence1 Residence2

After evaluating these elevations the clients personal choice was the second one with the white and blue combination .  That day the elevation was almost finalised and client was also happy with what he was given.
Next day the client happen to see a magazine which deals with building design and came across with an elevation there . He got impressed with that and he approached me demanding me to change his elevation (the one which was finalised ) to match with the one he has seen in the magazine  . Even if it was practically very difficult I was forced to make such an elevation to satisfy the client . I took whatever features possible from the elevation shown in the magazine and incorporated it in the client’s plan .  The 3D view of that elevation is  shown below .


Residence View3

After making this elevation even I liked this view and the client got the best …….Whatever happened happened for good …. !


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